Me and rainbow chard

    I was taking pictures for a company called San Miguel, they grow herbs and greens.
They just keep bringing bunches of greens one after another and I was taking them out to pose them for my camera lens.  It was a joy to take their pictures because each one of them has their own color, shades and energy. 
Suddenly they brought a big bunch beautiful leafy greens and various veined with colors, they call it Rainbow Chard

Rainbow Chard, Beautiful amazing piece of nature which we call "food". I cannot describe the way that these leaves were curled and standing so sharp and fresh. Each leaf has its own color stem, red, orange, purple and white. Rainbow Chard was really a green rainbow coming down to the ground. 
Besides, a rainbow is a reflection of light and water that is so soft and so untouchable but this rainbow was so strong and so reachable.

Rainbow Chards were telling me to just put my head on top of them and sleep on them like a pillow. 
I was so lucky to be able to have all of these leaves and take them home. It was the first time that I was holding this type of vegetable and I didn't know what to do with it. First I tried to wash them carefully, very mysteriously feeling touching the fluffy green and big leafs. I looked at them one by one turning them back turning them right, left and looking at them, each one of them, are an absolute beauty. 
It took so long for me to travel on each individual road on each leaf. It seems every single road goes to a different destination. I was lost for one hour on the slalom  ubiquitous roads of Rainbow Chard leafs. 

I kept asking what should I do with them! Should I dry them and hang them on the wall as a piece of nature's artwork or handcrafted of a great agricultural practice! But I had to try them as food and that's  what I was suppose to do with them. I kept them in the refrigerator because I couldn't see them to be chopped by knives.

Four days later I open the refrigerator and bravely enough took a sharp knife and start cutting them.
I almost wanted to cry. I couldn't see them diced in small pieces. I ruined all of the beauty that was a result of 60 days labor/ nature to grow this green!
But the truth is they work so hard to hand out healthy, heavenly products to customers like me.

I visited their website and choose one of the recipes made with my new lovely friend Rainbow Chard.

I found a bond between me and Rainbow Chard. I thought I can be her friend forever and stay loyal to her until death take us a part. Finally bravely enough I cooked them in the pan with some rice and chicken oh my... It was heaven. Yes my Rainbow Chard soup and dish made my family so happy and brought a different smile to their face. A smile like a Rainbow. I think now me and my family are all in love with Rainbow Chard. I believe I was able to cut a piece of rainbow from the sky and put it in our dinner table. Thanks nature to give us a pleasure of having Rainbow chard.

To check out San Miguel Products click on Cut'N Clean Website

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