It is so hard to live in a society that when you were a bright color they think that you're working in the hospital and when you make jokes and rying to be funny they don't take you serious.
It is so hard to hear every week that Monday is supposed to be crazy and Friday supposed to be a fun day.
It doesn't make sense to me that red and green belongs to Christmas, pink and yellow belongs to Eastern, for boys you should buy blue 4 girls you should buy pink !
I'm tired of looking at people who are acting like they're working so hard and they don't look at the  other  side of world .
Im tired of listen to stupid news stupid subject.
Everything is fake everybody's are fake don't judge me. I am nagging for these are not positive attitude. I think the world that were leaving is so different that I was raised. I don't care about others I learn to be sensitive I learn to be true honest I learn to not judge anyone I learn to be me but I can't be me anymore.

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